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Clark Family Rejects Ransom Payment, Declares War on Kidnappers

The family of Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark  has said nobody can bully them into  paying any ransom as demanded by the kidnappers of Ebikeme Clark, the second son of the Ijaw National Leader.

Dickson Bekederemo, the Clark family lawyer and spokesman disclosed the family’s stand on the matter in Warri, Delta State, on Saturday. He warned the kidnappers to release their hostage unconditionally with immediate effect or get ready for “war”.

Ebikeme, was trailed and  shangaied by unknown gunmen on Wednesday evening around Kiagbodo Village. The kidnappers later on contacted his family and demanded N60 million in ransom.

Bakederemo revealed that the kidnappers' identity have already been discovered through  investigations.

“We’ve identified all those involved now and our position, right from the day one is that they must release him unconditionally", he said.

He said the kidnappers made a mistake by their action because kidnapping Ebikeme would only take them to their waterloo if they do not free him fast and without any conditions attached.

“If anything happens to him, they know the Ijaw custom very well, it is life for life, we’ll go after them, it is a declaration of war. They and their families will know no peace", Bakederemo warned.

The family lawyer said toying with the Clark family is like touching the Ijaw Nation's eyeball, an action that would not be accepted from anyone.

“This is an embarrassment to the Ijaw nation and we’ll not take it from them", Bakederemo said. Clark symbolises the voice of the Ijaw man, when they needed a voice to speak for them, he came out at the risk of his life so we see no reason why an Ijaw son would want to embarrass this man, having made the ultimate sacrifice for them”.